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    Lavalon's Anniversary Raffle
    [1 year ago]

    Anniversary Raffle!
    Lavalon Games is turning three years in our community. And although LaTale is not that old in our community, it doesn't mean it's over-looked! To celebrate Lavalon's Birthday, we will have a special raffle hold to all the Community.

    The procedure is simple: You only need to sign up in this thread to participate. But you will have to hurry: you only have until this Sunday at 15 pm -server time- to sign up. In total we will have 10 winners, so don't miss the chance to try out your luck!

    10th Place: x10 Lvl 6-10 Super Puzzle Coupons, x10 Gold Dart of Luck.
    9th Place: x1 Ignite's Title Coupon, x15 Lvl 6-10 Super Puzzle Coupouns.
    8th Place: x99 Gold Dart of Luck.
    7th Place: x25 Super Puzzle Coupons, x5 XP Prime Holy Water, x1 Animal Fashion Set of Own Selection.
    6th Place: Brownie Pet Coupon, Empty Spirit Bead, x1 Herb of Eternal Youth Pet.
    5th Place: Husky Pet Coupon, Empty Spirit Bead, x1 Herb of Eternal Youth Pet.
    4th Place: x1 Full Fashion Set of Own Selection.
    3rd Place: 650 coins
    2nd Place: 850 coins
    1st Place: 1150 coins and Fashion Set of Own Selection
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